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Irreversible Gear Motor For Sliding Gate

Product Code:BE-70


Electromechanical gearmotors with integrated control unit electronics.
Three models with different application limits guaranteed by new mechanical solutions and 24V motor with encoder control. The control units are intuitive in programming and easy to connect thanks to the new internal layout.  Possibility of connecting two gearmotors in Master and Slave configuration for automations with opposing door leafs.

Safe thanks to the sensitivity of internal sensors that detect the obstacle, slowing down ramps and the option of direct control of 8K2 safety edges.
Versatile with the new Prg-LINK which enables control and programming of main control unit parameters. Height and positioning of gearmotor with millimetric settings and release with encoded key.
Reliable with sturdy base in corrosion treated aluminium and magnetic limit switch with integrated sensor.

ACE 401/601/801

ACE 401
Gearmotor for sliding gates up to 400 Kg.

ACE 601
Gearmotor for sliding gates up to 600Kg.

ACE 801
Gearmotor for sliding gates up to 800Kg.

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