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Hydraulic Piston For Swing Gates

Product Code:BE-73

Heavy duty hydraulic motor, ideal for intensive use on swing gate up to 2.5/4,5 meters. Available in reversible or irreversible version. The elegantly classic design hides a powerful mechanism delivering smooth and silent operations. Safe and Precise thanks to the speed and force/ thrust setting independently in opening and closing and the hydraulic deceleration function. Constant performance over time and in any condition thanks to reduced wear&tear and the possibility to maintain the oil at the ideal temperature using HOT (optional).


BLUES 3 :  230 V irreversible hydraulic piston. For leafs up to 2,5 m.

BLUES 5 : 230 V irreversible hydraulic piston. With slow down in opening and closing. For leafs up to 4,5 m.

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